Universal System   Introducing the Nano Hone Universal System, the first sharpening... 

  • Worth every penny

    I was prepared to write a long review, but suffice it to say that while very pricey, the Nano Hone NL-10 is worth every penny. It flattened everything I threw at it with ease and kept them flat with just a few passes in between sharpening. No regrets from buying it.

    NL-10 Lapping Plate 
  • Brilliant Stones

    I am the owner of Cutting Edge Custom Sharpening. I use these stones daily! The 70 and 35 micron are fast cutting, slow to dish, and give a brilliant feedback that is not found in any other stone. They do not slurry that much, but cut consistently and beautifully.The 15 micron is a brilliant light repair stone. Cuts just about anything I throw at it, with a scratch pattern that is not as aggressive as other stones of similar grit.

    Ceramic Whetstones 

    Sharpening enthusiast for 15 yrs. The stone stage is aesthetically and functionally incredible. I have transitioned my composite and Japanese naturals to Nano plates. Sound and simple solution to all my sharpening needs. I have also found the Nano Hone stones quickly replacing my old favorites. Outstanding set of products.

    Stone Stage