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Nano Strop

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 Our Nano Strop is designed for long sharpening strokes. This means fewer transitions and more angle control. Use it like a sharpening steel. It has a very low point load; this will keep the line of your edges from deforming over time.

Use it wet or dry. Nano-Strop is a superior edge maintenance tool

Abrasive : 1,10, 25 and 100 micron industrial diamond

New Abrasives : 3, 50, 200 micron industrial diamond

Abrasive length (long strop)  : 475 mm x 18 mm x 0.8 mm (14"x 3/4"x1/16" )

Abrasive length (short strop) : 270mm x 18mm x 0.8 mm  

More detail:

Nano Hone now offers seven micron strops - 1 micron, 3 micron, 10 micron , 25 micron , 50 micron, 100 micron and 200 micron abrasive. Use them as a daily maintenance tool. Click here for Grit Micron Comparison Chart 

You can use it hand held like a traditional steel or you can put it across your sink and use it as a fixed sharpening stone (long stroke). 

The diamond resin plate featured on top of the frame is 14” long. We do not know of any other sharpening stones this long. This allows for significantly longer strokes, which makes it much easier to maintain the same angle.

Conversely, short strokes mean you are transitioning more often at each end of the stone. It is harder to return to the same angle after the transition. Fewer transitions mean more consistent bevel angles.

Isn’t Nano-Strop just another kind of sharpening steel? No, not at all. Being 3/4 of an inch wide and flat is a significant advantage over a steel because it distributes the point load over a wider section of the edge. A round steel has a very high point load because it has such a small contact area. The steel tends to deform the edge rather unevenly. The Nano Strop will tend to maintain the overall line of the edge over time because of its distributed point load.

Finally, we have put the handle underneath the frame. This makes holding the frame a very natural extension of your arm.

100% made in USA.



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