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NL-10 Lapping Plate

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Nano-Hone NL-10 lapping plate utilizes a solid metal button design.

Diamonds are dispersed evenly throughout the metal button matrix. This design is extraordinarily tough. The buttons have been set in stainless steel weighs to ensure structural integrity. These buttons are extraordinarily durable. The button plate is an amazing surface leveling tool. Its weight is integral to its smooth lapping action.

Our Button Plate Designs can be recalibrated many times over the life of the product.

The NL-10 is recommended for sharpening stones 35 μm (400 grit) to 0.5 μm (30,000 grit). It is an 80 μm plate. Click here for Grit Micron Comparison Chart

The key difference between the NL-10 and NL-8 is size. The NL-10 is more than 20% larger than the NL-8.

Button plates can be used with ceramics and diamond resin stones.

Read Instructions here. 

Diamond size 80 microns

4.1 lbs​

10 x 2.75 x 0.6 inches

250 x 70 x 20 mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Eugene Wasserman
Very substantial!

Given its low rung on the Nanohone flattening totem pole, I was concerned this would be a small ineffectual stone. Boy was I wrong. It’s long and strong, and gets the job done!

Ethan Wessel

Fantastic product.
Does exactly what I want it to do and keeps my stones flat.

Cody Thweatt

use it everyday about 5 times a day. Holds up well and flattens ceramic stones quickly

Cole Hank
It's a Beast!

This cuts and flattens stones with ease. I use it on Hap's stones 400 Grit + and my naniwa stones. It feels substantial in the hand due to it's size and weight. I like being able to place it on the stage or flatten from the top down by hand.

I'm sure this will last a very long time.

Hi Cole,
Thank you so much for shearing your experience with our BEAST! Since diamonds are dispersed evenly throughout the metal button matrix, this plate is tough and yes, will last a longest time. Enjoy!

Jason Fox
Early Buyer - Still love it!

I have, I think, serial number 3, this thing is worth it's weight in gold, its a product made to get a job done. I use it every time I sharpen, and it still is in great shape after the years. This is a buy once, cry once kind of tool. Don't waste your time with other methods... if you know you will be in this craft a while, invest in this and forget about worrying on stone flattening. Jason Fox - Never Stop Building

Thank you so much for supporting us for a long time! We're super happy our NL-10 is still working hard for you.