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Nano Hone Diamond Resin Plates

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Micron Size

This Diamond Resin matrix is an original design by Hap Stanley. He makes each one of these plates in his workshop. Hap's resin is made from vegetable fiber and is softer than other resins on the market. 

For maintenance, we recommend using our Nano Groomers that is 2 STEPS or MORE LARGER DIAMOND than the surface you're grooming. For example, choose a 50 Micron groomer for a 10 Micron Abrasives. This binder is environmentally friendly, slightly hydrophilic, and very tough. Sharpening can be done completely dry or with a few drops of water or very light oils. 

Our 1 micron resin will leave a near mirror polish on the toughest of steels. Watch out  powder metals!! Our 200 micron resin is a thinning machine. All the sizes in between are stepping stones. 

Dimensions : 210 mm x 75 mm 


Made in U.S.A (Nano Hone Lab)

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Just bought the 25 and and 100 micron. I use this to replace my ceramic rod. What a DIFFERENCE! Every time i use the knife, i just run 5/7 passes. It keeps the knife SHARP! I use the Nano pond and whetstones for serious work.

This is a MUST HAVE. I

So far, so very good.

I love them after a couple of uses. Great feedback and you can see the results. I haven’t had any issues with the stones loading up after a good thinning session. Another great product from the nanohone team.

Rin Kuryloski
A must have

Really like it. When the long versions are back in stock, I’ll surely get second.

Greg Dunay

Use them all the time for my woodworking tools and lapping carbide tools for metal working, cant beat the Nanohones...

James Owen

Well made, solid, does exactly what it says.