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Super Bite "True Splash and Go Whetstones"

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Abrasize Size

Splash water and sharpen away.

All stones have the same dimensions of:

210 mm x 75 mm x 10 mm

These stones are forged of non-porous ceramics and are a great balance of finish and speed of cut. Feels smooth with a subtle bite.

The Stone Stage holder makes use of two staging posts that firmly secure the stone to the stage for unmoving rigidity. The posts easily release the stone for quick change.

The only stones you'll need. 

Detail description:

70 Micron Ceramic Stone (200 grit range)

-This is a chip remover and edge thinning tool.  It can easily cut through tough steels and retain its shape consistently.  Currently our best seller. Work this stone hard or easy and it will respond just as expected removing metal fast or with a very consistent scratch pattern. Pro knife sharpeners' "Best Friend!"

35 Micron Ceramic Stone (400 grit range)

-A great touch up tool for stainless steel knives.  Our 35 micron sharpening stone is resilient and still has bite and feel. Woodworkers' favorite.

15 Micron Ceramic Stone (1000 grit range)

-There are many choices for customers looking for a 1000 grit sharpening stone. Why should you buy this stone? Because its fabulous medium grit abrasive that is uniform from day one to the last thin layer. Like all Nano Hone stones its micron size accurate. And, it's really fun to use.  Hap has worked on this stone more than any other abrasive we offer and it shows in every detail.

6 Micron Ceramic Stone (3000 grit range)

-This stone puts on a razor sharp edge.  Many chefs will stop right here.  The ultimate serviceable edge.

2 Micron Ceramic Stone (6000 grit range)

- This is our most popular polisher.  This abrasive brings a beautiful polish to high carbon steel in short order. Not too soft and not too hard. Just right!

1 Micron Ceramic Stone (10K grit range)

-Did anyone say "Mirror Polisher?" At 1/100 of the thickness of a human hair, this is a very fine abrasive. 


Tools, ponds, and stage shown for reference only; not included with purchase of stones.

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