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Stone Stage - Heavy or Light

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Now we have two sizes you can pick! Original big heavy one and compact mobile one. 

The Stone Stage is the solution to securing any sharpening stone to a solid platform. Original solid holder weighing in at 4.2 lbs, its density provides unmoving stability and seamless exchange. Compact light holder weighing 1.9 lb, still fits on a pond and sink bridge. 

  • Houses any stone with Nano Hone Backing Plate
  • Security allows for more efficient sharpening 
  • Switch out stones quickly with the Staging Post design
  • Made in the USA

With our integrated Backing Plate, attach any stone today!

Pond, bridge, stone shown for reference; not included in purchase of stage.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Not your granddaddy's stone holder

This one doesn't rust if you look at it funny like many cheap chinese holders or require adjusting knobs. It also isn't a cumbersome annoyance to clean.
-No moving parts
-No sliding around
-No way it's deteriorating
-No issues with low clearance either. The plates/stones once attached sit dead flush against the side of the stage to boot. Just... Fantastic.!

Even better, You can purchase extra aluminum backing plates and adhesive pads direct from Nano Hone to use whatever stones you want with the Stone Stage. Obviously it works perfect with my Nano Hone stones, just plop them onto the two mounting pegs and go to town. If you buy any of their stones you owe it to yourself to get this with them. Enough said. Two thumbs way up!

Wow Willie! Thank you for sharing your wonderful review with us. Like our motto, 'sharpening for life' our products are all low maintenance with long life. As you mentioned, all the parts are available when time comes.
Thank you again for your support!!!

Peter Stokman
Incredible universal system

Sharpening enthusiast for 15 hrs. The stone stage is aesthetically and functionally incredible. I have transitioned my composite and Japanese naturals to Nano plates. Sound and simple solution to all my sharpening needs. I have also found the Nano Hone stones quickly replacing my old favorites. Outstanding set of products.

Stone stage

I am very impressed by the build quality of the stone stage. Machined from a solid billet of aluminum, it is hard anodized. Swarf cleans up easily, and tolerances are tight. Stones are held securely in place during the sharpening process and are easy to seat.

My only (minor) criticism is that there is a slight lateral tippiness during lapping. The stage is tall in proportion to its width, and excessive force on the edge of the stone will make it come off its footing on the opposite side. A modicum of attention to lapping technique — keeping forces centered and not too heavy — resolves the difficulty. So don’t let this quibble put you off the purchase.

Overall, an outstanding product. Highly recommended.

Bradley Robinson
A perfect setting for an Edged Performance

I am a full time professional edge maker. I sharpen in salons, barbershops, homes, or anywhere I am needed. The stage is an immovable object that provides and incredible base of support. My stones no longer slide around, and I am no longer fighting various bridges and systems to hold and support my stones. The stage along with the backing plates are an essential piece of my kit, and I will never be caught without it.

Thank you so much Brad

Croxton Gordon
As Advertised and More

My stone stage arrived today with a set of mounting plates to fit my stones. The stage is everything that Nanohone says it is: solid, beautifully machined, heavy, non-slip. Excellent fit and finish, and the perfect support for their honing plates. Nanohone's customer service friendly and efficient, and Hap Stanley is glad to answer any and all sharpening questions. There's more . . .

I’m a fan of low-angle wooden spokeshaves, such as those made by Dave's Shaves. The bevels on their low-angle blades can be particularly awkward to sharpen, due to the threaded tangs. The stone stage makes the job dead-simple by raising the operation high enough to clear the tangs. Just rest the bevel on the stone, with the tangs hanging safely over the sides, and hone away. It is a huge problem solved for many chairmakers and others who use that style of shave.

I recommend the stage system without reservation.

Thank you so much Croxton