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Sharpening Ponds

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1 Stage Moon Pond

The simple choice for the hobbyist and professional alike, the Moon Sharpening Pond features an extra sticky silicone foot that ensures no slippage. The new center post holds your Stage and Stone securely. Pond surface catches water and slurry alike while holding your stage and stone with style.

  • Hand machined with Hard anodized aluminum finish
  • Made in the USA

Weight, solid footing, and thick hard-coat anodized aluminum protect the fanciest granite countertops. A threaded drain hole holds and releases water with ease- rinses well and cleans fast. 

12" diameter

Weight : 3.0 Lb

2 Stage Terra Pond

Our second largest immobile retaining pond to keep your sharpening clean. The Terra Pond provides space for your entire sharpening setup of three Stone Stage holders. Retains all your slurry for a clean and professional look to keep your shop or kitchen in good style. 

  • Hard Coat Anodized finish for cleanliness 
  • Threaded screw plug allows for easy drainage. 
  • Stage is secured by large, machined post with inset O-ring.
  • Hold 2 Nano Hone Stages
  • Made in the USA

The crowd favorite among hardcore sharpeners.

12" x 14 7/8" x 3/4"

Weight : 4.1 LB

3 Stage Sol Pond 

This is our largest sharpening pond measuring 20" x 12". Three posts secure 3 Stone Stages onto the pond to work multiple grit surfaces without moving anything.

Ample room between the Stone Stages for your hand to work freely. You can comfortably work on three separate stones or secure a lapping plate. The pond has a hard coat finish, so nothing sticks. Keep your sharpening operation organized and in one place.

Pond does not include stages or stones (shown for reference in pictures).

12" x 20" x 3/4" 

Weight : 5.5 LB

Made in the USA

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