Nano Hone is an idea of Hap Stanley's distilled from his insight that on the microscopic level, flatter means sharper. Upon observing what happens to consistency in performance of a ceramic whetstone over time, it has been shown that the flatter the stone, the more efficient each stroke is on the stone. 

Lapping is an ancient practice that has evolved with sharpening. With diamonds embedded into our lapping plates, we bring you the tools you need to make the most of your water stones.  

Alongside the Nano Hone Plates and Strop series, Hap has created the first side-sharpening jig for chisels and skew blades with the invention of the Sharp Skate. The Sharp Skate 4 is the latest in hand sharpening assistance. It assists the sharpener in picking an angle and sticking with it, so the bevel and edge of your blades are always consistent. 

Efficiency is integral to flow. Complete your system today.