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Universal Backing Plate

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Ever tried sharpening a stone until it's worn down to mm's? The Backing Plate allows for two things:

1) security and protection of any given stone, ceramic or natural 

2) compatibility with the Stone Stage to secure your stone of choice and create access to the rest of the Nano Hone System or any industry standard holder

With rigidity and security, you can use your favorite stone until it literally approaches paper thinness. Multiple color choices allow you to color code your system and bring the stylish aesthetic of the Nano Hone System into your kitchen or shop. 

Don't forget Custom Engraving is available!!

Made in the USA

210mm x 75 mm x 6 mm 

Customer Reviews

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Love these

These help turn any stone you have, synthetic or natural, into a nanohone stone. Makes life much easier when sharpening or polishing.

Good product

Use these on all my stones natural as well as jant’s enables you to use your stones down to the last little bit.

Croxton Gordon
Nanohone Backing Plate

I’ve been using Nano’s backing plates on three of my stones for several months, and with the stone stage, they are a game-changer. The plates come in colors to make them easy to select with a glance. They were simple to fit on my existing stones, a diamond plate and two ceramic plates. I can just pick up the plate and plop in on the stone stage, which holds it securely with no slipping or tipping. The stones sit in a simple grooved rack when not on the stage. It’s the ideal honing system that I’ve been looking for: quick, precise, repeatable, and reliable.

Thanks, Hap!

Thank you! We appreciate your joining our exclusive club ;)