Nano Hone Releases the Universal System

by Harrelson Stanley on May 08, 2019

We are proud to announce that after a year of drawing and machining, Nano Hone is releasing the Universal System. 

Comprised of the Backing Plate, Stone Stage, and Pond of your choice, the Universal System is all your need for an exquisite sharpening experience. 

The Backing Plate is able to be attached to any kind of sharpening stone- ceramic or natural, with the use of a specially constructed adhesive. Any stone is now able rest unmoving on your kitchen counter, work bench, or any reasonable surface. 

We call it the Universal System because every component is designed to work and fit with other sharpening systems of other brands. Stick your stone, hold it down, and sharpen in style! 

The Universal System can be found in the Nano Hone Store after April 24, 2019. 
Peace and good sharpening,

Team Nano Hone