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NL-6 Lapping Plate

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Speed and consistency are your best friends to sharpen efficiently. Lap often and your stone will cut.

The mega NL-5!

Like a wide-screen smartphone requiring your full grasp, the NL-6 is nothing less than a handful. The surface is coated with diamond abrasive particles in a nickel bed. The NL-6's surface is a series of raised diamond coated structures. It is the edges of these raised diamond structures that are doing the heavy work.

Our new NL-6 has flat surfaces on both ends to avoid a sudden drop off during flattening which protects the stars from chipping.

The NL-6 lapping plate is designed to flatten all whetstones from 35μm to 0.5μm (400 grit to 30,000 grit range). With more surface area to cover larger faces, this new addition to the Nano Hone Lapping Plate series is the go to for hobbyists and professionals. 

This plate is intended for ceramic water stones. 

Dimension : 80 mm X 240 mm

Micron size : 60 Micron

Weight : 1.8 LB



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