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Nano Rasp Honing and Thinning Bar (stones sold separately)

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Hap's new Nano Rasp is a heavy duty handle for thinning and sharpening. Our Nano Hone ceramic and diamond resin abrasives lock into the bottom of the bar very securely. Abrasives can be changed in three or four seconds, simply by loosening the main screw 1/2 turns and sliding the abrasives out to the side. Not only Nano Hone abrasives, but any 1x6 abrasives for standard sharpening jigs will fit in the Nano Rasp. One of the key design features of this tool is the ability of the user to see the corners of the abrasives while working with the rasp. Hap worked through many iterations of his design before finally putting it into production. 

Made in USA

Whole length : 450mm

6061 Aircraft aluminum