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3-Sharpening Stone Set with Nano Stage

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The Fundamentals. The 3-Stone Set is comprised of a sharpening stone at the 35 μm (400 grit), 15 μm (1000 grit), and 2 μm (6000 grit) sizes, and our weighted Stone Stage holder. These are the essential abrasive sizes you need to start sharpening any edge. 

The Stone Stage elevates and secures the chosen stone with two Staging Posts designed alongside our Nano Hone Backing Plates.  

Like a rock climber color-coding protection pieces for speed and efficiency, our new line distinguishes each size with anodized aluminum backing plates to change stones around quickly and deliberately.  

Keep it clean and efficient with Nano Hone Sharpening Stones. 

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Customer Reviews

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Thad Blackwell, Defiant Frog Knives
From a Knife Maker

I'm a part time knife maker and use primarily the modern steels heat treated to a Rockwell 'C' hardness in the 61 range. For kitchen; AEB-L, A-2, for hunting, meat processing, and skinning; CPM S-35, 154, 3-V, and Elmax. I was concerned about not only how effective these stones would work, but if they would even hold up. I establish my bevels on a 2X72 belt grinder to 320 grit and have been using this set of stones since the beginning of December almost exclusively to finish my kitchen knives and for all knives where my customers request a polished edge.
To put this in perspective, I have a Tormek T-4 and a Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro. There's nothing like the personal connection to your knives than sharpening by hand.
Additionally, "Made in the USA" is extremely important to me, and Hap should write a book on true customer service.

What a beautiful review Thad. We will work diligently in the new year to improve our products for you and other knife makers because there is no such thing as a finished edge. There is always more that can be done