Why flatten ceramic stones?

 To flatten or to hone a stone is to recalibrate and to essentially sharpen a sharpening stone.

From use of the stone and in removing steel, the surface is worn, and with continual use, ruts and dishes are created. This makes the stone inefficient.

 Lapping plates have been an integral tool in the practice of sharpening in the Japanese tradition from antiquity. NanoHone's diamond engineered surfaces raised in geometric patterns clean your stone with a flatness of +/- 25 μm. This ensures the stone is even and creates an efficient surface to sharpen on. Our plates are designed with their traditional ceramic whetstones in mind for use in the modern world of sharpening and flattening.

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Flattening sharpening stones


Chefs, machinists, and woodworkers alike benefit from these plates to ensure near perfect flatness for the sharpest edge. See our patterns here. 


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