DR-10 Diamond Resin Plate Manual

Thank you for purchasing our 10 micron (Red) Diamond Resin Plate. This is a medium fine abrasive. It should serve you very well for polishing out scratches from medium range abrasives. It will leave the beginning of a polish.

This is a bio friendly resin. Both the resin and the pigments are made with FDA approved food safe materials. The binder and pigments are also compostable. Please note that the diamonds will not degrade.

We are using a triangular hole pattern to increase cutting speed and make grooming the surface of the plate more efficient. We recommend our NL-4 lapping plate for this operation. This plate requires very little water for sharpening. In fact, you can use it dry if you like. The resin will take on a very small amount of water as it is slightly hydrophylic. Please let it dry after use before putting it away.


*Don't store it in Water

*Don't leave it out in the sun

Peace and good Sharpening