Sharpening in the time of COVID-19

Sharpening in the time of COVID-19

Dear friends and family of Nano Hone and sharpening,


For weeks now, we've been looking for the right words for you. During this time, it's hard to know if more well-wishing or advice is helpful, but we became obliged to reach out in this manner. If we are to work through this situation that we're all enduring together, to support our employees, our customers, our friends and ourselves, we humbly ask for support.  

Let us update you on the state of our small business. Like most, we are scrambling to adjust to the current catastrophe. Unlike huge factories and processing plants, though, we are able to stay operating as we continue our small batches of product with only three people in production. This allows us to manage our workshop and sanitize every compromisable surface.  

We are also unlike the mega corporations insofar as we will not be getting bailed out.

We are working, like the rest of you, to continue operations in a way that we are benefiting the economy whilst keeping tradition alive. We believe that we must not let this situation degrade the access to the tools that allow us to practice traditional skills like cooking and woodworking. We will need these skills to work through this and take care of each other and ourselves.

Isaac Newton comes to mind when he started developing calculus and the Principia during his time in quarantine during the Great Plague in the late 1660s. Maybe we can push our limits as well by developing a new dish or building furniture to store all that toilet paper. Cooking and woodworking are essential skills, and to those well at this time, we need to keep our edges sharp and our wits sharper. Please, help us continue to supply our products so that our traditions will not disappear.

Your orders at this time could mean that we can be here continuing to make high end sharpening supplies tomorrow.

Thank you,

Peace and good sharpening

Harrelson Stanley



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