Sharp Skate 4+

Sharp Skate 4+

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The Sharp Skate 4+ is the awaited update to the Sharp Skate Series. The wheels are replaced with a rounded blade or wear bar- designed to slide over the entire surface and without damaging the stone. 

Because the bar is machined of hardened steel, like the outrigger of a canoe, it will wear very slowly. 

The Sharp Skate is a unique honing jig allowing you access to the fundamentals of side sharpening. It allows you to choose a precise angle to set your edge onto the stone and stick with it. 

Consisting of 44 custom machined parts, the Sharp Skate is a high precision honing and sharpening mechanism milled from aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. The Sharp Skate 4 is the ultimate evolution of the Skate and the greatest revolution in side-sharpening. 

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